Short Gillespie Quip On the Pedagogical Argument For Holy Days

14 12 2013

“Tilen sets out the expediency of holy days for imprinting in the minds of people the sense and knowledge of the benefits of redemption. Answer 1. There is no means so good for this purpose as catechizing and preaching out of season and in season. 2. What could he say unto them who have attained his end without his means?  I find people better instructed and made more sensible of those benefits where the feasts are not kept then where they are. 3. Think they their people sufficiently instructed in the grounds of religion, when they hear of the nativity, passion, etc. what course will they take for instructing them in other principles of faith? Why do they not keep one way, and institute a holy day for every particular head of catechism?”– George Gillespie, “The English Popish Ceremonies”, pg. 82

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17 03 2014

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