John Dick On Republication

I haven’t touched this blog in months, but hopefully will start writing more in the near future.

Here is Scottish Seceder John Dick on the Republication of the Law in the Mosaic Covenant:

“The moral law is contained in the Ten Commandments engraved upon two
tables of stone, and was the only part of their religion which was promulgated by God himself with an audible voice. It is the same law which was written upon the heart of man at his creation, and is the rule of righteousness under all dispensations. Its solemn republication at this time was necessary, because the Israelites may be conceived to have lost just notions of morality, during their residence in Egypt, where they did not enjoy the benefit of regular instruction, and were exposed to be corrupted by the maxims and example of an idolatrous people. And at the same time it was the design of God, by whose finger it was recorded, and by whose command it was transcribed into the writings of Moses, to establish a perpetual standard of duty from which there should be no appeal.”

— John Dick, “Lectures On Theology”, pg. 143

OPC to Look at Republication

Overture Proposed to OPC Presbytery seeks Study on ‘Republication of the Covenant of Works in the Mosaic Covenant’

by the Aquila Report Staff

Three Ministerial members of Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) Presbytery of the Northwest, which covers the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, are asking the Presbytery to overture the OPC General Assembly requesting the appointment of a study committee to examine the issue of the Republication of the Covenant of Works in the Mosaic Covenant.

The overture has been drafted by OPC Ministers Rob Van Kooten, pastor of Grace OPC in Oak Harbor, WA; Andrew Elam, pastor of Redeeming Grace OPC in Port Angeles, WA; and Randy Bergquist, pastor of Emmanuel OPC in Kent, WA. Adoption of the overture is scheduled for a vote at the April 2012 meeting of the Presbytery.
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